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Guided Web Hosting

by Graphic Resources

· Web Services

"Our guided web hosting starts with our commitment to build you a custom website with your look and feel. It continues with our pledge to be your guide as we find creative and meaningful ways to engage with your visitors over time."

Sean Roberts

President of Graphic Resources


$30/hr to Setup

Sites with simple sections and not much content might be designed quickly within four to six hours. While other sites requiring multiple pages and multiple sections might take more time to setup. Each site is different but our rates are the same. Stop in today for a free consultation with our team to get an idea of how much time would be required to build your specific site.

Guided Hosting $25/Mo

(paid annually)

Guided Hosting begins once your setup is complete. You will receive a personal assistant or "guide" who will keep your site running smoothly on a monthly basis, answering questions you might have and giving you detailed reports of your site traffic each month. Guides can also help develop marketing strategies (and implement those strategies for you) based on your goals for your site.

Guided Maintenance $30/hr

We are here to help you every step of the way. You only pay for the amount of time you need at $30 per hour. See below for all the ways you can use us to update your site with current news, information, and content.

Finished Site Details:

Professionally Branded Site With Your Logo and Colors

What do you want to advertise or communicate to your visitors? Your message will be what attracts visits to your site and what keeps them coming back time and again. Our guides will help you develop a clear online message that helps visitors build a relationship with you based on your values and the services you are offering.

Mobile Friendly

Your site will work well when accessed from a desktop or from a mobile device. That means the words and pictures and videos on your site will be magically rescaled to be displayed perfectly anytime a visitor would access your site with their smartphone or tablet.

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Connect Custom Domain

Do you already own a website or have custom email other than from gmail or hotmail, etc? We can connect your existing domain (for example, to your new website. If you don't already have a domain, we can create one for you for a small fee. If you don't want to add a custom domain then your website will look similar to this: <XYZCompany>, where <XYZCompany> would stand for the name of your company.

SSL Included

Our sites come with the ability to be secure with SSL encryption in the event you wanted to accept payment from your visitors for services or products.


We can add all kinds of cool media tools to your site including Image Galleries, Video Streaming from Youtube, and swipe-able, clickable Banner Images, which are perfect for promotional materials.

Newsletters & Blog Features

Would you like to communicate to your audience in new ways? Our guides can send creative Newsletters and blog posts directly to your target audience at a fraction of the cost of direct mail marketing.

Chat With Your Customers Online

Wouldn't you like to be be able to communicate with any visitor who reaches your page (and to gather their contact information for future interactions?) Now you can, with your very own chat feature built right into your webpage.

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Get Found Online (SEO)

Your Graphic Resources guide will not only help build you the site you want but also add the right keywords to your pages that let you get found on popular search engines. Beyond that, we can add your new website to your Google business page. We can even create a Google page for you if you don't already have one.

Connect Social Media Platforms

Are you already on popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? We can link to those accounts directly from your front page.

Importing Contacts

Do you have a spreadsheet of your current contacts or a list of folks you would love to begin communicating with online? We can manually import all your contacts to your new site.

Members Only Pages

Do you have information you want to display privately to those who purchase a certain item or service you provide? We can build members only pages that provide value added content to visitors that meet restricted requirements.

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These Features are Extra and Are Not Included in Your Hosting Plan

  • Buy a Domain (Varies)
  • Create eMail Account, add $25 Yearly
  • Online Marketing-Google Ads Monthly (Call for Quote)
  • Custom 3rd Party Integrations with Your Existing Online Tools (Call for Quote)
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Disclaimer: We build websites that are hosted by the fine people at Strikingly. We subscribe to their VIP plan, which allows us design with a treasure trove of tools at our disposal, keeping the process fun and the cost competitive. We're so confident in their product, we actually run our own site using their tools.