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Managed Service Plans

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What if your plotter could notify you when it was low on ink? What if it could automatically reorder supplies before you ran your next job? What if you could get real-time updates of your supply levels without leaving your desk? In less than 15 minutes, we can turn your plotter into a smart device for FREE!!!

Free Monitoring Plan

Free Monthly (No Hidden Fees)

  • Reduce Headaches with an Online Dashboard to Manage Every System in One Place
  • Keep Updated with Real Time Supply Levels & Re-Order Supplies As Needed
  • Manage Errors In Real Time
  • Add Users as Needed
  • Only Takes a Few Minutes to Setup on Any Office PC. (Email Us Today Mentioning a Free Monitoring Plain for Your Plotter. And We'll Set It Up Free of Charge). 

Managed Service Lite Plan 

aka the Preventative Maintenance Plan

$19 Monthly or $198 Yearly

Includes everything in the Free Monitoring Plan plus...

  • 2 Complimentary Preventative Maintenance Cleanings Per Year (Helps Maintain Your Equipment Like a Tune Up Maintains a Vehicle).
  • 40% Off Service Labor, 10% Off Service Parts, 10% Off Consumables (Order Online Using our Easy Ordering System and Get Supplies Next Day)
  • Discounts for Multiple Devices

Managed Service Plan Basic

Call for Quote

Includes everything in the Free Monitoring Plan Plus...

  • Complete Service for your plotter or multifunction printer. Think of it like an extended warranty coverage that keeps you safe from the cost of repairs and ongoing maintenance. Each service package is priced differently based on the age of the equipment and the make/model. Contact Us for details.

Managed Service Pro Plan

$39 Monthly plus Paper and Ink

This Plan is Like an Extended Warranty with Supplies Included. Order Whenever You Need Paper and Ink. We Deliver it Next Day. You Only Pay for What You Use. A Report is AutoGenerated Each Month and We Bill You Only for the Total Sq Ft Printed and Total ml of Ink Used. Great Option for Folks with Fluctuating Monthly Print Volumes. You Never Pay Upfront For Supplies.

Includes everything in the Free Monitoring Plan Plus...

  • Unlimited Service, Labor, & Parts
  • Ink Supply at $.69 per ml
  • 20lb Bond Supply at $0.035 per sq ft
  • Supplies Delivered As Needed, Billed Monthly According to Usage

Ready to Learn More? Contact Us today and mention you would like to add a Monitored Service Plan. You'll be glad you did.

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Note: Outside Tulsa-Metro Area Call for Quote. Offer valid on a select number of printers, listed above as, "Supported Printers." Not available for all makes and models of equipment and all service areas. Most plans require a signed yearly contract before services can begin. Rates are subject to increase annually by 5% on all contracts other than the Starter Plan. All contracts require a credit card on file as primary method of payment each month. Failure to pay on time each month would limit supply availably until account is paid in full. All services will be set to auto-renew unless otherwise noted. All Printerpoint Service plans are managed by Printerpoint software, which sets the standard in remote system asset management and supply fulfillment.