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High Quality Imaging

with 3D Depth

· Color Graphics

Where do you go when you need high resolution flatbed scans with 3D-like depth? Did you know Graphic Resources provides one of the only high resolution scanning services in the Tulsa Metro area? It's true. Our services are perfect when you absolutely need the best scan possible (up to 2400 dpi) and when the surface of the object you need scanned can't pass through traditional document scanners.

Not only can we scan in detail, we can even capture the depth of the surface being scanned. Thanks to 3D mode technology, our scans can reveal the hidden contours and depth of the scanned surface better than traditional scanning methods. 

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We can also reproduce your scans with fade resistant inks onto a variety of medias such as fine art canvas, photo papers, adhesive fabrics and vinyls, etc.

Let your imagination soar. The sky is the limit to what we can do together.

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