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Working From Home

Helpful Tools To Get Work Done

Remote Tools

Check out these inexpensive (and sometimes free) tools such as TeamViewer and GoToMyPc that help you connect to a work computer from a mobile location such as your home. You might also be interested in Parallels Access if you want to connect to your office PC from a smart phone or tablet.

Office Communications

Need to video conference with your team in real time? We are hearing good things about Zoom. It's free to use up to 40 mins for teams of 3 or more. See it in action, below. This video shows how one person can host a professional meeting with a laptop, iPad and smart phone. Pretty cool stuff!

Web Services

Do you need a new website? Did you know we can quickly create and brand a fully functional website for you that adapts to every device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc)? Our design fee is simple--we build whatever you need at $30 per hour. Simple sites can happen in a matter of hours! And we host it monthly for $25. Curious? Check our new Web Services page for more info.

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Printing Solutions

Working from home makes it even more difficult to communicate in effective ways with team members. Technology is great when you can use it. But sometimes you need a printed page. Don't hesitate to reach out to your local trusted printing partner to discuss your needs. Companies like ours are experts at tackling communication problems big and small. We have wifi printers and print and deliver options avail to make your life easier.

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Equipment Solutions

Epson All-In-Ones

with Service Plans as low as $50 per month

plus $.01 BW and $.06 Color*

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Equipment Solutions

HP All-In-One Plotters with Preventative Maintenance Plans

(discounts on parts, labor, and supplies. Includes 2 complimentary cleans per year)**

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4251 W Albany St (61st)

Broken Arrow, OK 74012

918-461-0303 Call or Text

*Service contracts for Epson printers and all-in-ones may be configured with or without print allowances. The price quoted is without a print allowance.

**Preventative Maintenance Plans are 12 month renewable plans that clean your plotter twice per year and give you 40% discounts on labor, 10% discounts on parts, and 10% discounts on supplies (including ink and paper).