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GR Service Billing Update

Effective Jan 2023

· Support and Service,Equipment Solutions

We have never operated our service department under the assumption that we need to increase our service rates yearly for arbitrary reasons, even if it's the industry standard thing to do. That is why since 2017, we have not increased our monthly minimum charges for our service contracts.

But sometimes the world changes so much that small adjustments need to be made without negatively affecting our long-standing commitment to fair pricing and valuable service. Indeed, we are living in such times where everything from gas to cheese to screw drivers are more expensive to ship, to package, to distribute, and to aquire.

That being said, beginning January 2023 we will increase our service contracts from a monthly minimum of $180 to a monthly minimum of $200. Even though this is roughly an 11% increase all at once, we do not intend for this increase to set a precident for yearly increases of equal or greater service rates. Indeed, it is partly to catch up for the years we have not made any increase in service rates at all. We want to continue operating as fairly as possible year to year by not increasing these costs again until we absolutely have to.

While we are not changing the per click details of existing contracts, we must pass on this minimum monthly charge so that we can continue to operate at a high level in these changing times. If you have any questions about the nature of these increases or how your exisiting contract may be effected, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time moving forward.


Sean Roberts


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