HP Designjet T730 36" Wifi Printer

HP Designjet T730 36" Wifi Printer

$180.00 - $2,800.00
Purchase Outright or Monthly All Inclusive Option
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All Inclusive Print As A Service (Explained)

We provide everything you need as a monthly service. The equipment, supplies and service you need per month comes included in your contract. Details below.

  • Prices are quoted before tax
  • 36 Month Term
  • Equipment Included
  • Dedicated Service & Support Included
  • Parts & Labor Included
  • Training Included
  • Cloud-Based Equipment Monitoring Included
  • Inks & Printheads Included
  • 20lb Bond Included
  • 1000 Sq Ft Allowance Per Month. That's the Equivalent of 166 D Size Prints. 
  • Overage @ $.15 Sq Ft (BW or Color)