KIP 7170
  • KIP 7170
  • KIP 7170

KIP 7170

$450.00 - $17,600.00
Price Listed is MSRP
Single or Dual Roll MFP Black and White System
4 PPM D Size (24x36)
Purchase or Print-As-A-Service Options
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The cloud connected productivity of the KIP 71 Series system is designed to satisfy the most demanding needs of the decentralized workforce. The KIP 71 Series easily integrates into the daily workflow with a range of simple to use applications that allows users the flexibility to create, manage, and distribute projects with confidence. The best in class rating and proven power of the KIP 71Series also make it the ideal solution to support the print, copy and scan demand in a centralized print environment.

  • 4 D size prints per minute
  • 240 prints per hour
  • 1 or 2 integrated media rolls
  • KIP System K 2.0 Software Suite
  • 600 x 2400 dpi resolution
  • Integrated touchscreen
  • PC & web based submission tools
  • Advanced user management
  • Low operational costs
  • Energy saving technologies

Print As A Service (Explained)

Why purchase when you can get everything you need bundled as a service with one low monthly invoice? With our Print As A Service plans, you ay only for the amount of printing you do during any given month while receiving all the supplies up front that you need to get your jobs done. No more needing to budget for expensive supplies. We provide it all for you with your contract. You simply pay a low monthly all inclusive rate per month. Details below:

  • 36 Month Term
  • Equipment Included
  • Dedicated Service & Support Included
  • Parts & Labor Included
  • Training Included
  • Cloud-Based Equipment Monitoring Included
  • Toner Included
  • 20lb Bond Included
  • 2500 Sq Ft Allowance ($.07 Sq Ft Overage)